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Experience Director at adam&eveDDB

My career interests have always revolved around creativity and technology. When I graduated from Dartmouth College and had to think about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew it had something to do with business and creativity. I felt that a career in Marketing or Advertising made sense because it was a “serious and grown up” profession where an understanding of what makes people tick, good communications skills and a creative brain were the raw materials that lead to success.

After a brief stint as an Account Manager, I moved into Business Development, where most of my success came from building relationships with people, understanding what they needed to achieve and then taking this brief back to my creative team to design beautiful pieces of work that blew people away. Being a “tech geek” myself and having done just about everything you can do on a computer from the age of 8, most of my contributions to the creative process were about how to get people to interact with the creative concept through technology and help make the idea more engaging in an interactive sense.

This lead to an offer to join the agency’s digital department as a consultant in the San Francisco office. The year was 1998. I found myself in the heart of Silicon Valley, working with clients like Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo, and Intel designing strategies to help them compete for the attention of the world’s most talented and sought after engineers with the aim of attracting these people to the business. The feedback I had from clients was that I made complicated technological concepts simple and recommended strategies that, for once, they understood. The feedback I had from creatives was that they never felt so informed and inspired about what their designs needed to achieve. Perhaps more importantly, our reputation as an agency grew and we began to win more business.

We were listed on AdWeek’s Top 10 (US) Interactive Agencies list, by turnover and won business from Warner Brothers, the U.S. Navy, Charles Schwab & Company and more.

I took a break from agency land in 2000, when I went to Philadelphia to work for Okayplayer, LLC. as an interactive marketing consultant. Okayplayer is the online community fan club for The Roots, Erykah Badu, Common, Blackalicious, Meshell Ndegocello and many more (http://www.okayplayer.com/okartists/). There, I began to fuse my music production business with my marketing background and advised Okayplayer and its clients on how to deliver engaging experiences that would help them build their brands with music lovers.

In 2006, after 3 1/2 years at JWT in Los Angeles and San Francisco (where I led on Digital Strategy for Boeing, Expedia, Starbucks and Toyota, among others), I moved to London and joined Euro RSCG Riley (now called Havas People). I began as Head of Digital Strategy and grew the agency’s Digital revenues from £500K to £800K in my first year, earning a promotion to Digital Director and a position on the company’s Board in the process. Two years later, after having launched and developed an Analysis department that grew from nothing to a £250K revenue performance in 2009 and reinvigorating the company’s Account Planning Department, I was promoted to Chief Strategy Officer and placed in (joint) charge of a brand new Consulting Division. I left Euro RSCG Riley in April 2010 with a handful of awards* and annual revenues of approximately £1.2M (2009) to pursue a more creative career path.

*Awards won by my department while at Euro RSCG:

2008 – Best Website at the RAD Awards for Lloyds
2009 – Best Website at the RAD Awards for Asda
2009 – Best Integrated Campaign at the SAGRA Awards for Standard Bank
2009 – Best Innovation at the RBA Awards for Asda
2010 – Best Use of Social Media at the RAD Awards for Reckitt Benckiser
2011 – Best Use of Social Media at the RAD Awards for Reckitt Benckiser
2011 – Best Innovation at the RAD Awards for Reckitt Benckiser

I joined Wireworks in 2011 as the Strategy Director. My role at first, was to work with the team to develop marketing strategies for our clients that made the most of our passion for storytelling and exploring the world through technology. Wireworks’ expertise ranged from designing and developing brand strategies and advertising and communications to creative and digital development. We also offered Social Media strategy development, metrics planning and analysis. Our vision was to be useful to clients at all points in their brand, marketing and communications agenda. After my first year at Wireworks, I was promoted to Managing Director. After a year of great highs and lows, I left Wireworks to pursue a more strategic agenda.

In 2015, I joined Calling Brands a global brand consultancy based in London as the Head of Technology. The purpose of my appointment was to put Technology at the heart of the consultancy, which included consideration for how Technology could help the business work better, how it could help their clients to better achieve their goals and to identify and develop products that would positively impact the world of Brand Strategy.

In 2017, I joined adam&eveDDB as Experience Director to help add value to the world’s #1 Creative Agency and the stories that we help brands to tell. My contribution will cross the lines between User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX) and Brand Experience (BX) and will help our clients to deliver experiences that help keep the promises that are made in the ads we produce.

My aim is to take my experience in using strategic planning principles and strong creative thinking into brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes. I want to work with clients that are excited about their business, believe in partnerships and collaborating on both processes and thinking, and who are great people to be around. The best projects come from people that geniunely respect one another’s contribution and have fun working together. This is where I intend to thrive.

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  1. Hi Drew
    Great site and what an impressive career you’ve had to date!!

    Am launching a new Social Recruiting Platform that builds clients a company dedicated Career Community, provides Professional Brand pages for Community members, integrates Advanced Online Networking Challenge Events and elicits client company DNA through the use of fun Employee Surveys where answers are fed to the Community – all elements lead to improving the info both sides use to make successful career/hiring decisions.

    I was wondering if you could weigh in on a question we’ve been kicking around that we have a lot of differing opinions on…

    Do you think we can use Social Media methods to invite/attract specific functional talent segments to join client Career Communities (of mostly unknown companies)? If yes, what would be the best method?

    We have those on staff that think it is near impossible to make this happen without resorting to traditional recruitment methods (phone, email, etc.) which may price us out of the market based on the cost of resources to do it this way. Personally, I think we can do it using a blend of social media and inbound marketing techniques (although depending on the function type it could be tough…)

    We would love to hear what you think? (…have a pool running on your answer…:) THANK YOU!

    1. Hi KC. Thanks for visiting, and for commenting. I will draft a response for you to have a look at today. Would welcome any feedback or the opportunity to debate my point of view, if anyone cares to.

  2. Hey Drew,
    Just read several of your blog entries and you bio. Very impressive indeed! As a closet techno geek and new fan of digital media, I love how you are bringing awareness to new channels that actively conect the customer to the brand. Feeling honoured just to know you. Cheers!

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