Follow up on 2 Chinese Students…

I just read on “” that the two Chinese students that made the silly video in their dorm room have now been asked by Motorola China to endorse their new cell phones. I can’t verify Boing Boing to be an accurate source of information… but I will tell you that around my office, we were all talking about this video when we saw it and I did (popping my collar now) tell everyone that I would not be surprised if they got some sort of commercial deal out of this stunt.

And to think that the poor guy behind them in the video probably thought he was going to get ahead in life because he was doing his physics homework….

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This is how it’s done…

LiveVault is setting the standard for how to market your products via the Web. I was sent this link today by a colleague who was looking for some examples of good viral marketing strategies in preparation for a meeting with a B2B client. The link is to a Web Video they produced for IT Managers… but instead of a boring old “talking head” telling them the value of LiveVault’s data back-up service, they produced a high production value “Branded Movie” with John Cleese in it making you laugh while you learn about LiveVault.

It’s pure entertainment, well almost… if you’re interested, it has a lead-generation tool at the end. It’s a seven minute piece of content…. wait, read this again… a SEVEN MINUTE ADVERTISEMENT, that I could not stop watching.

Seriously, I was watching it, thinking about all of the other things I needed to be doing, but couldn’t stop the movie… and I’m not even in their target audience.

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