Broadcast your own festival video!

I read on (via a contact of mine in the mobile industry) that Apple have released an App that will let people use their iPhone camera to stream HD video at the iTunes festival (where Paul Simon, Foo Fighters, and Raphael Saadiq are among those performing).

This is pretty cool, as it means that we’ll be able to see this event as it’s happening, but also be able to see it from a number of different perspectives.

I saw DJ Jazzy Jeff at the Jazz Cafe in London a couple of years ago. The gig was epic, my friends and I left sweaty, tired and without a voice… exactly how you want to feel after the gig. I took my camera and shot some videos from our vantage point… but I always wanted to be able to link my video footage with some of the other ones (even Jazzy Jeff’s own video)that I saw of the gig, in order to make my own “multi-camera” video of the gig… to remember my night out, and to be able to share it with friends. (Many people don’t realize just how amazing Jazzy Jeff is on the turntables… so if you’ve never seen him spin, you don’t know what you’re missing).

If Apple are smart (and they usually are), they’ll release something that lets you edit footage from multiple people’s feeds in sync to make your own concert video. This will spark a different type of sharing, and something that should benefit everyone involved… the artist, the venue, the iTunes store, and the fan… that’s a win win situation.

It would be cool if Apple could integrate this with CollabraCam and allow people to link up and actually run a “multi-camera shoot” during the Festival. But either way, having all of this content shot and streamed from all of these cameras should be a really great way to engage with the festival.

Another idea would be to integrate it with something like b@tv … to let people tag and comment on the videos, adding that social layer to the whole thing.

Now that would be really fun… at least for a music loving techno geek like me… and a few others I know, like Kate – who I met at a Snoop Dogg gig and who was shooting some very cool videos, which she has on her YouTube page.

Drew in the news…

Ri5, the UK Recruitment Industry’s main information portal has provided a nice write-up on my session on mobile marketing at the AGR conference on Monday. The posting (with a link to the original) is below.

Going mobile
The Monday business session concluded with a round of ‘showcases,’ among which Euro RSCG Riley’s Drew Spencer made a convincing case for mobile marketing as ‘the future of recruitment.’ Among other things he noted mobiles’ high level of market penetration and unique position as personal, ‘always on’ devices, plus the rapid growth of smart phones and the influence of mobile technology on social media. He then outlined how mobile technology could best be used for recruitment applications in the context of multiplatform marketing strategies. After this, there was a mad rush to get scrubbed up for the Monday evening drinks reception and gala awards dinner (see separate Ri5 story).