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They used to say that the three most important factors in buying a home are: Location, Location, Location.

Fairly soon, I think we’ll be saying that this is the most important factor in marketing. I have been a big proponent of mobile marketing for a while because of the fact that everyone has one, it’s highly personal (in your pocket/purse all the time), and always on. I was saying this even before smart-phones were around.

Obviously the growing popularity of smart phones is beginning to make this a reality, but combine the popularity of smart-phones, the growth of social media and geo-location and what do you get? Lots of great opportunities for cool digital Marketing.

The ability to know who someone is, who they are connected to, what they like, what they might like and most importantly, where they are RIGHT NOW gives you some serious power, especially if you’re a marketer.

I’ve been very excited for a while about where this could take us… today I saw something that made me go WOW… but just to manage your expectations, it’s by Google, so it’s not “wow, what a great ad… or cool creative idea that you want to send to all of your friends because of how nicely designed or stylish it is.”

It’s more “wow” in a geeky sense in that I’ve seen an idea that connects the dots I’ve been wanting people to connect in my head and can’t wait to see how it impacts me personally.

Check it out:

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