Launching an online business? Payments just got easier.

I’ve helped a few people figure out how to sell their products and services online. One friend had a store selling really nice children’s clothes from some really great scandinavian bands. Another was selling music that they made at home. Recently, I was having a conversation with someone that wants to take payments in order for providing listings on their events-based website.

All of them faced a similar challenge. How do I set my website up to take payments? Doing this either requried PayPal, or something far more difficult and convoluted to arrange. So, when I saw ReadWriteWeb’s post about some new sites that make it easier for you to take payments online. I thought it could be interesting to people in my circle.

These are all pretty cool. In essence, they take all of the complicated stuff away and make it easy for online merchants to take people’s money. Here are the four services mentioned in ReadWriteWeb’s post (link is above).

  • PintPay – takes a percent plus a transaction fee (but they don’t charge you anything until you’re making at least $300/month)
  • Chargify – takes no transaction fee, just a monthly subscription based on the number of customers that you have “transacting”
  • Recurly – is a combination of monthly transaction fee plus monthly fee based on the number of transactions
  • Cheddargetter (which is my favorite of all of the brand names) – Is free to start, but then is a Monthly fee plus a transaction fee.

If you’ve got something to sell online and want to get up and running quickly, this could be an interesting option. As you can brand up your “payment page” and get it going.

Anyone tried something like this? It would seem to be a great way to be up and running quickly with an online business.

You might find me selling something soon… watch this space.

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