Nike Football’s beautiful World Cup Campaign

Four years ago, when I first moved to London, Nike did a very cool ad for the World Cup. It was a chain video where people received the football (soccer ball in the USA) from one side of the screen, did some moves and then passed it to the left (or vice versa, I’m not aiming for technical accuracy here) and then uploaded it. That was in the whole “User Generated Content” boom of 4 years ago.

Now that we’re all watching video on our phones, iPads and any other device with a screen. It’s less “UGC” (thanks to Flora Montgomery of Monumental Adventure – a very cool “UGC” site about showing you the little cultural gems of London and other cities – for engraining the abbreviation “UGC” into my head) than cool video experiences for people to share with friends.

I love this Nike video. Very cool play on the emotions that players carry on their shoulders to the World Cup. Not just the hopes and dreams of their nation, but a few of their own as well. Can’t wait for the World Cup to get started.

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