“People talking about” on Facebook… another step towards engagement.

I read a post on Mashable today called “Facebook Launches New Metric: People Talking About”, which Facebook has just launched. This feature is meant to help people see the power of the network that extends out of their Page’s fan base and encourage people that own pages to post content that encourages people to share links on Facebook. It’s a smart idea as we all know that the real push right now in marketing in general is towards consumer engagement and having meaningful data to know the value of your efforts as a brand in this area.

If I can tell one of my clients how/when people are sharing and/or “talking about” the ideas and messages that we’re putting out there, then I’m putting one of my clients in a position to strengthen their relationships with the their customers, spend their money more wisely and ultimately to come closer to knowing which part(s) of their marketing strategies are/will be most effective.

The post also mentions another important Facebook metric that’s being launched, which is showing you how many friends you Page’s fans have. Thereby giving you an indication of the total potential reach of your page. Well worth checking out if you have a business/brand that needs to actively engage audiences in order to be successful.

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