Pudding Face … A nice integrated idea.

Kraft are trying to push more pudding…. with the Pudding face. A nice little special effect they’ve used in this TV spot, which they hope will translate into some cool activity on Twitter this summer. This is a cool idea and it immediately makes me think of Bill Cosby’s pudding ads from when I was growing up.

He’d make a pretty funny pudding face. I’d love to get my hands on this campaign. We could make a “pudding face generator” and let people have some fun with photos or an Augmented Reality app that superimposed the pudding face onto whoever you had in view on your camera? That’d be pretty fun. Kids love apps that do things to people’s faces. This would get them all wanting a “pudding face” and well, if Kraft are lucky, they’ll be telling mom that the only way they can get a pudding face is to actually have some pudding.

I’ll be watching this campaign, and posting a few 🙁 faces myself to see if I can get hooked up with some pudding.

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