Send your Flickr Photos as Postcards

I read an article recently that surprised me when it said that Photobucket has the lion’s share of the “photo sharing sites” category. Whilst I can’t find the article I read, I did find a post on TechCrunch, which referred to this post from Hitwise which proved it.

The article I was reading was saying that the Flickr audience are extremely proud and loyal of their site, which I am. I have always been so shocked that people I know aren’t automatically registered with Flickr, or have registered but don’t remember their password. But that’s only because I’ve always assumed that Flickr owned the market. It should, but then again I’m biased because Flickr is the first website I’ve really used as a method of sharing photos.

I used to (and, in fact, still do) have a photo gallery on one of my personal websites, but I host my websites through a friend’s company ( and he gives me really good rates, so I do my best not to overload his servers with lots of large files. I also had a son and started taking a lot more photographs than I used to. I did some research into the “photo sharing” world and read so many good things about Flickr (mostly about their “tagging system”, or folksonomy as it has come to be known) that I joined.

In all honesty, I don’t spend enough time tagging my photos and always wish I did… however I am definitely an extremely loyal customer.

One of the reasons is the fact that it keeps changing. I just found a site called Delivr on which you can search (by tag) for just about anything, including your own photos, add a message to it and send it to someone over email.

That is really cool… I’ll post again about things I like about Flickr.

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