The Mentos Beat Box

This is an idea with a lot of fun behind it. I have been looking around at various agencies in London (and further afield) and how they present themselves online. I started with the “digital agencies” and then ended up on the BBH website (what a shame that some financial company has the URL).

Front and center on their website was some work done for Mentos. A TV spot featuring some very cool beatboxing on it. Being a lover of Hip Hop myself, I was immediately interested. So I read the case study and ultimately ended up on the Mentos Beatbox website and started messing around.

This is a very cool idea where you use the Webcam on your computer to take a few photos of yourself doing different beatbox faces (don’t worry, they give you a guided tour on making the photos) which are then integrated with the sounds of a real beatbox legend to make a video that looks like you’re beatboxing yourself.

It’s hilarious. As soon as I made one, I wanted to send it to 20 people (and I did) and as soon as I’d sent it, I wanted to make another one and get even more creative with my expressions (especially once I realized that you could do different types of beats).

This is a really cool digital idea, and so easy to pull off.

Naturally you can share it with your friends on various Social Networks, grab the link to email it to someone, and even download the video as a Quicktime movie. All great stuff.

Here’s my video:


A few things I’d add to it:

  1. Mobile phone version. If I had this as an app on my phone. I’d have walked around the office today making them of everyone around.
  2. Compose your own beat. You could make a sound board with all of the sounds and associate the various faces with each sound. So then you’d be able to compose your own beats. This would get me and my friends going, competing over who could make the most creative beats.
  3. Voting on the online gallery. You’d get more people looking at the website if the online gallery allowed people to vote for the best ones. Why not turn it into some form of competition?

I’m sure that the guys at BBH thought of these, and more creative ideas. Sometimes time, budget or other reasons get in the way of pushing an idea as far as it could go. This one is cool though and (although not brand new) I congratulate them on such a fantastic idea.

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