This is how it’s done…

LiveVault is setting the standard for how to market your products via the Web. I was sent this link today by a colleague who was looking for some examples of good viral marketing strategies in preparation for a meeting with a B2B client. The link is to a Web Video they produced for IT Managers… but instead of a boring old “talking head” telling them the value of LiveVault’s data back-up service, they produced a high production value “Branded Movie” with John Cleese in it making you laugh while you learn about LiveVault.

It’s pure entertainment, well almost… if you’re interested, it has a lead-generation tool at the end. It’s a seven minute piece of content…. wait, read this again… a SEVEN MINUTE ADVERTISEMENT, that I could not stop watching.

Seriously, I was watching it, thinking about all of the other things I needed to be doing, but couldn’t stop the movie… and I’m not even in their target audience.

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