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or something like that…

Yet another reason why I love what’s happening in the world… I’ve always considered myself as a person with some good ideas to share. Probably why I started a blog… I’d love to claim that it’s all about research and staying on top of my field, but if I’m honest it’s also just a place for me to show my thinking, or more directly to blabber on about stuff that my friends won’t ordinarily let me talk about.

But it has also become a realisation (Yes, I’m using the English spelling… when in Rome…. or London, in this case) that the Web is also the great equaliser where you realise that there are tons of people out there with great ideas… and in fact that you’re all somehow connected. (It truly is a small world).

But back to my point…

I was reading an article about a new competitor to YouTube (see my other post) and making fun of their terrible name, which lead me to blogging about Igor because they love to talk about names, and I saw a post on their site talking about Media Influencer, which is a site that they obviously found interesting.

On the MediaInfluencer site was a link to add the blog to MyYahoo page (which is where I have all of the RSS feeds I subscribe to…) when I noticed that the author had a post about Online Communities in which the Chief Executive of WPP, a company that used to pay my salary, was quoted.

In it, he is quoted as having said (in FT) that “has warned media owners must find ways to attract and retain talent and create stand-alone digital divisions in order to compete in the era of internet blogs, open access and online communities. So far so good. He believes that the shortage in human capital would be one of the main challenges facing companies in the future, and successful companies were those that could “find, retain, and incentivise good people”. This is because “young people, accustomed to quick response on the internet, were shunning hierarchical organisations where decision-making took a long time.”

What’s funny about this is that this is the industry that I work in and I was just out seeing a client today and talking about the importance of taking a community approach to recruiting graduates because of the differences in their expectations of their workplace and their employer.

Talk about full circle.

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