Why Pandora is so cool…

Ok, I have now created a category called “Why Pandora is so cool” because I have been a Pandora fan for more than a week (long enough to validate my declaration that Pandora is official).

Read my Pandora post to see the genesis of this declaration. Pandora is an online music service that is designed to expose you to new music, based on your tastes. The online version of what happened when you met a friend of a friend that had some music in common with you, but then also had other stuff that you’d never heard and started sharing his/her music with you.

I am a father with a full-time job and a lot of hobbies on the side, music is one of my many great loves in life… but I have less and less time in my life to be exposed to new music… so I go to Pandora and I enter “Electric Relaxation” by a Tribe Called Quest and suddenly, a week and a half later I log in and “Heart of the City” by Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother) comes on, as part of a free playlist of music that costs me nothing to listen to from work.

So the “Why Pandora is so cool!” category is going to be full of posts about songs that come through that make me just go “Ohhh yAAAAAAAAH!!”

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