2006 – Year of the Online Video

Bambi Francisco of Market Watch write an article about “video enablers” talking about some very amazing facts about the growth of online video. This year.

While only 2% of online advertising was spent on video ads, and it’s only expected to rise to 2.3% everyone is flocking to online video at the moment. People are flocking to YouTube (100 million views per day). Investors and customers are flocking to Akamai Technologies and other firms which deliver online video… and VC money is being given to companies that are developing online video editing tools.

Let me clarify… they are developing tools which will allow you to upload, then edit and send video to people over the Internet. So you don’t need iMovie or any other video editing software on your computer. The possibilities of that are endless.

This may spark a new blog category for me… “What’s next?” I’ll wait and see if I can write enough about it to warrant one.

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