Technology and Storytelling…

Dave Trott’s blog is one I love to read.

What a great storyteller. He seems to have a great little story or anecdote to describe just about every situation in life. Every point he wants to make, he can make with a really engaging story.

In his post called “We have the Technology” he tells a great story about how everyone in his office once got the plague, and what he learned about “new technology” from that experience… there’s even a reference to the discussion around Pepsi’s loss of market share, as a result of what may have been an overzealous move towards “new technology”.

I’m a big fan of technology. I love it. Gadgets. Software. Wires. Love it all.

This has sat at the heart of most of my major career decisions (not to mention quite a few impulse purchases). It’s why I’ve ended up in “Digital Marketing”. I understand it, how it works, how to make it work for my clients, even how to explain it to people that don’t really get it.

I think that the reason why, is that I’ve never seen it as the “be all and end all”, it’s there to enhance our lives. If a brand has a story to tell, technology isn’t the ONLY thing you should be using to tell the story. Integration is the big thing these days…

But I’m starting to wonder why we need all of this vocabulary? People have stories to tell. They need people to help them tell their story. Some of the people telling the story know about how to use technology to do that. Others know how to tell the story without technology. And then there are those that can tell you whether your story’s any good, and whether people really care… and whether you need more, or less technology (or any other ‘storytelling ingredient’) to help you tell your story so that more people care about it.

I don’t know what the word for that kind of person, or agency is… I don’t really like many of the existing words. But that’s the one I want to be a part of.

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