Interactive Marketing is about “When”

As the whole Internet world rushes towards my mobile phone with carefully crafted content and killer features I find myself looking more and more at how rare it is that anyone shows any insight into the context that I’m using it in.

Take LinkedIn for example. They built an iPhone application and featured the newsfeed and the ability to search for connections. That’s great, but when I am accessing LinkedIn on my phone, it’s not because I’m wondering who else Kevin Leversee has connected with, but because I would really like to send someone a message and I don’t have their email address and/or mobile number handy.

This happened this morning and I ended up thinking that I’d be better off friending this person in Facebook (something I’d resisted because I want LinkedIn to be my interface to the professional world).

If you are going to make an application for me to use, then think about “when” i’ll be using it and be sure that the features and functions that you provide are useful and relevant to me in that moment!

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