Make things fun!

I love it when I read something that makes me smile. I get this kind of satisfaction out of finding a new book I really love… or discovering an article that confirms a theory I might have had… and these days, in finding a new blog to read that has very good things to say.
I found a blog called “Creating Passionate Users” with a great post titled “Usability through fun” that was very cleverly written (and fun) and added an interesting argument to the whole usability discussion.

I’ve always had a thing about making sure that things are entertaining. I guess it comes back to the fact that currently, people are experiencing a loss of “free time” in our always switched-on world. We need ways to get our messages across that don’t feel like a “waste of time”… and reading long boring documents, even reading our emails are becoming too much of a bore… but we will always make time for something fun.

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