Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

Ok… I’ve been a Yahoo email user for years. I am very loyal to the Yahoo brand, but am finding myself increasingly interested in Gmail. I am wondering if anyone else has any viewpoints to shed on this. Point me to the right articles or something, if you can. It would be most appreciated.

At the moment, I seem to use Yahoo for email and Google for everything else. As a result, I have a somewhat customized MyYahoo page and a somewhaty customized iGoogle page, but because of this email conondrum, I find that I don’t really utilize either to their fullest capability.

I have constant sync problems with Yahoo Mail and my iPhone and hear that Google’s IMAP connection is much better. Also that Google’s apps and other services connect well with mobile devices. But am not convinced that they are BETTER per se than Yahoo’s. It’s just that these days, Yahoo’s services aren’t very well promoted.

So without any actual, factual reasons to leave Yahoo mail (and have to go through the whole transition of email addresses, contacts, etc…. I’m pondering the change. I will continue to look for reasons to stay or leave Yahoo. But am coming closer and closer to becoming Gmail fan.

If anyone has reasons for me to stay/leave, let me know.

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