“How media and creative can come together”

Another good article from Advertising Age, May 16, page 35.

This article was put together using pieces of a speech by Jack Klues, CEO of Publicis’ Starcom Media Vest Group. My current employer does both creative and planning so I can see both sides of this coin. I’ll come back and comment on this later, these are just my favorite points from the article.

How media and creative can come together

“I’ve got a few ideas about how media agencies and creative agencies – our teams – might better come together. You are welcome to debate them, but I ask you to hear them”

1. Advertising is not a Production Line
“It’s true that great advertising starts with a brilliant idea” but ideas aren’t restricted by geography. They can come from anywhere.”
“The ability to conceive a great idea isn’t limited to someone who has the words “creative”, “copy” or “art” in their title.”
“Let’s abandon the assembly-line-worker mentality” and replace it with a championship-sports-team approach.

2. Stop Arguing Over Who Owns Planning
“Understanding the consumer is more than one full-time job.”
“To get the absolute best, most actionable insights, media agencies and creative agencies must, at minimum, stop purely talking brand speak and find ways to make insights deliver valuable and tangible returns”

3. Broaden Our Concept of Creative
“In a world increasingly populated by TiVo, broadband, multiple screens in multiple places, we have to be brilliant craftsmen and women across every viable platform. Many agency models are still built off of reels, storyboards and TV ads that can be spun into other formats and retrofit into another media.”

“Many of the best creatives argue, ‘I know how to do a good online ad.’ And they do. Brilliantly. But we have to improve the cycle time and price tag required to get the most relevant message in front of the consumer.”

4. “POWERFUL” Creative Needed

“It is our job to be contact experts across all forms of media.”
“It’s incumbent upon us to move beyond the traditional touch points… The ‘where’ world is increasingly about events and sponsorship, experiential points of contact with consumers. It is about word of mouth, embedded content, complementary content and branded entertainment. We have to know how to buy and sell experience.”
“Powerful experiences require powerful creative”

5. Our Clients Want to be Closer to Us
“Perhaps we need to re-engineer the role of the account director. Think about it. Several major events have changed the agency model in the past few years. Media spun off. Digital took off. And advertising started being replaced by communications planning. Still, I don’t know if we ever evaluated all of the agency roles to see what might need re-engineering”

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