The end of job boards?

I read this article on MSN called “Are social media sites the new way to get a job?” which doesn’t say anything particularly brilliant or groundbreaking on it, but does confirm a trend that I’ve seen coming for a while. What I find interesting are the comments that sit underneath the article (and the comments on the related blog posting from “bripbrap”) with people talking about sites like Craigslist being more useful to them, as well as niche boards.

There are some great comments, like:

“”I was laid off last year from my job and tried Monster and Career Builders. I found absolutely nothing at those sites and received junk mail repsonses from posting my resume. I found both of my jobs that I have now on Craigslist. Everyone listed on these sites including the city because it was a lot less expensive to do so.””

So on the one hand, showing that “generic” classified advertising sites can still be useful – but perhaps ones that don’t have a careers focus and that are less expensive – and on the other hand, industry related boards growing in popularity with the users because they can find jobs that relate to them.

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