Wanna see a great recruiting site?

Ogilvy Graduate Recruiting hires a group of 15 graduates each year and gives them an 18-month “360 degree” experience of Ogilvy’s business in three different areas.
Sounds like an excellent training program. But why would a top new graduate want to join forces with Ogilvy instead of another great advertising firm?

Well, according to the site, Ogilvy….

– is thinking bigger than every other advertising agency
– will make you one of the best trained graduates in the industry
– you’ll get to work on more brands than with other training schemes
– Ogilvy’s training is recognized as the best in the industry

Is that enough to make you choose Ogilvy over the competition? For some, perhaps… but these claims are pretty hard to quantify aside from pointing to industry magazines, word-of-mouth, or testimonials from (most likely former Ogilvy) advertising professionals and/or clients…

So why does a graduate choose a new employer? Let’s look at who they are…

Today’s graduates are made up mostly of a generation being called the “Millennials” (born between 1980 and 2000). In an excellent article by Claire Raines of Generations at Work, called “Managing Millennials”, this generation will bring an entirely new and radically different approach to their careers.

According to Raines, their characteristics include:

– Confident
– Hopeful
– Goal- and achievement-oriented
– Civic-minded
– Inclusive

She went on to list 6 Principles of Millennial Management

1. You be the leader. This generation has grown up with structure and supervision, with parents who were role models. The “You be the parent” TV commercials are right on. Millennials are looking for leaders with honesty and integrity. It’s not that they don’t want to be leaders themselves, they’d just like some great role models first.
2. Challenge me. Millennials want learning opportunities. They want to be assigned to projects they can learn from. A recent Randstad employee survey found that “trying new things” was the most popular item. They’re looking for growth, development, a career path.
3. Let me work with friends. Millennials say they want to work with people they click with. They like being friends with coworkers. Employers who provide for the social aspects of work will find those efforts well rewarded by this newest cohort. Some companies are even interviewing and hiring groups of friends.
4. Let’s have fun. A little humor, a bit of silliness, even a little irreverence will make your work environment more attractive.
5. Respect me. “Treat our ideas respectfully,” they ask, “even though we haven’t been around a long time.”
6. Be flexible. The busiest generation ever isn’t going to give up its activities just because of jobs. A rigid schedule is a sure-fire way to lose your Millennial employees.

What does all of this have to do with the Ogilvy site? Well, I think it’s a great recruitment site because it speaks directly to this generation. It combines a lot of talk about what Ogilvy is and how serious Ogilvy takes its business. It dispells myths about the experience of working at Ogilvy, and it does so from the perspective of the graduate. It is not a bunch of corporate speak about “Our organization was founded back in…. we are one of the largest and most reputable… blah blah blah”

In fact, what they did was turn their graduate recruiting site into an almost “reality” style blog of life at Ogilvy from the perspective of the graduates. They spend equal amounts of time talking about the myriad brands they get to work on at Ogilvy and the big names they get to sit around the boardroom table with. Which helps the goal-oriented, ambitious prospects see that they will not just be at the bottom of the food-chain. It also shows the personality.

An excerpt from one of the entries called “What Ogilvy isn’t”

“It’s not just another grad scheme. This won’t be six weeks of dullo training then being left to fend for yourself. You’ll get to work in three different communications companies in 18 months which will make you the best trained graduates in the communication business. You won’t be on your own either. There’ll be fifteen of you (gotta like those odds) which, if it’s like my intake will mean a lot of laughs, always someone to have a drink with at the bar (did I mention the office has a bar?) and plenty of embarrassing stories.

If you’d like to find out more about these embarrassing stories (and see the photos) please feel free to have a good look around. All the bits and pieces are written by Ogilvy graduates so you should get a pretty good feel for what it’s all about. Apparently this is working life…”

Unlike professional candidates, graduates have two questions they want answered when they visit an employment site…

1. What is it like to work for ___________?
2. What is it like to work, period (full stop, for my UK readers)?

Ogilvy’s site is so great because it answers both and has fun doing so…A study by Y2M: Youth Media + Marketing Networks polled 1500 college graduates about their job searching habits and found that 7 in 10 of them (69%) posted their resume online, citing major job boards like Monster, HotJobs and CareerBuilder as the places to post their resumes in increasing numbers over the last several years (2002-2005).

So if they are all going to the Web to find their next employer, what will your site say to them?

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