The Power of the Visual

There is a lot of pointless “content” being created
and pushed at us. I know a lot of people who are struggling to decide how much to spend on telling their stories in more beautiful ways.

It’s hard to know if it’s worth paying for the photoshoot, or paying for the extra animations that your agency has asked for to make the brand film look perfect. Even paying someone to design your website or your logo and business cards can sometimes seem hard to justify. Especially when it seems like a lot of the content we’re all bombarded with looks like it was made by a someone’s 14-year old who knows how to mess around a little in iMovie, or worse.

Content is everywhere. The majority of it is pretty boring. Some of it is so bad, it’s offensive. But every now and then something really remarkable comes along.

To me, the definition of remarkable is something as follows:

The “piece of content” (what did we call it before the internet?) has to be carefully created down to every detail, executed with precision and, most importantly, tell me a story that engages me both intellectually and emotionally. It’s been my experience that, without fail, remarkable content almost always includes a story, a fact or set of facts that I have not heard before. In a few cases, it’s not a new story or fact, but a new perspective on someone else’s story or fact.

This time, it was DDI’s “The Power of the Visual”, presented beautifully on their website (and on Vimeo).

Thanks to an email from LinkedIn (who have gotten very good at recommending interesting content lately), I had the pleasure of watching “The Power of the Visual”(made by DDI, an integrated ad agency from Australia, who I had not come across before).  This video, which is beautiful and immensely engaging to me, answers the question “Why does visual information work better than text” better than any savvy marketer has ever tap-danced a budget-conscious client in their life. The next time you’re asked why someone should invest in making things look good, show them this video.

Then just walk out of the room.

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