The iPod Emmy

In this article on MSNBC, they discuss a new award category being offered by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: Outstanding Achievement in Content for Non-Traditional Delivery Platforms.

This is the first time they’ve added a category to the Emmy’s since Cable TV shows became eligible in the 1987-88 television season.

What content will be considered in this category is still a bit up for grabs, as you have TV shows like Lost (which were not made eligible) and then you have “24: Conspiracy”, a made-for-mobile version of the popular show “24.”

I have just gotten into subscribing to podcasts on my iPod (I got the 30gb video iPod) as I found that sometimes I needed something to listen to that was not music. I was happy to find categories including anything from meditation to relationship advice, to Mac User information, to the BBC’s podcasts. Some of them are video podcasts where someone has recorded tutorials (for example) on how to edit your own videos on your computer, how to make and publish your own video podcasts and more.

Along these lines, I just read a really great new book by Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi called “sisomo” (Sight, Sound and Motion) which talks about how so much information these days is delivered on screens (of varying types) and how more and more you need to use Sight, Sound and Motion to tell your story.

The next wave of the Internet will be to continue the themes of creative expression, networking and sharing of ideas. How can you create something that shares your expertise on something you’re passionate about and use Sight, Sound and Motion to deliver it?

That’s what more and more poeple on the Web will be looking to do in the near future…

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