Useful blogs for staying on top of Digital and Marketing Strategy

I was in Dublin yesterday for the first time, visiting a client of ours and talking about some of my favorite marketing trends. Being a “digital guy”, which to me means that I am a lover of technology, data, gadgets and general “geekery”, I was asked towards the end of the meeting to share some thoughts on things like “data” and “gamification” and other digital marketing buzzwords. I spent a few minutes espousing some of my views and was then asked how I stay on top of things when it all seems to change so fast.

My response was that I try to read as many blogs and newsfeeds as possible. She then asked if I would share some of my favorite blogs with her. I thought that this might be useful for more than just this one client. So, after a quick scan of my “Marketing, Digital, Social” category in my feedly account here are a few the sites/blogs that I find most useful for staying on top of trends and for finding inspiring new ideas in the world of digital marketing and marketing strategy.


I follow over 60 blogs. Some are big (and obvious), some are small. Some more “techy” and others less so. I’m sure I’ve missed some really obvious ones, and also struggled with others that inspire me, but may not be what my client was looking for (like TechCrunch and FastCompany). I also felt that I wanted to mention my Twitter Feed and also LinkedIn (whose acquisition of Pulse has made LinkedIn an even more valuable source of daily news/content for me.)

If you’re reading this, drop me a comment about ones that you agree with, or disagree with. Or ones that you read?

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    1. Thanks Karl! I wouldn’t mind if you did work there or would gain from posting it, as long as what you recommend is good! Self-promotion of anything that’s good and stands out is fine by me. If you post something I think isn’t that good, I’ll say so and we can have a discussion about it. 🙂

  1. Good list.

    I’d add the Addictive Mobile weekly newsletter/RSS for a great compilation of all things mobile (shock) but also technology related news & marketing.

    Cool News is also another helpful blog to follow. One, more esoteric, blog I strongly urge all those with “Strategy” in their title is PFSK and Farnam Street. Both are good nudges in the cranium.

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