Motorola to place a “Google” button on their phones.

I was just reading the Sensis Classified News Service blog, doing some research when I came across a post that quotes the New York Times, who ran an article about Motorola making cell phones with the Google button on them.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Motorola will soon begin selling web-enabled mobile phones in the US that feature easy access to Google’s search engine by clicking on a button on the phone’s keypad, the world’s second-largest maker of mobiles said.”

I suppose Yahoo and MSN should be shaking in their boots… well it depends on how you see it. Yahoo’s database is a force to be reckoned with. They have so much information about so many people’s lives, and how they are using the internet and they have connections to all kinds of small businesses. They have aimed at being a place where people spend lots of time online…

Google is banking on the fact that people don’t necessarily want to spend lots of time online, they may just have something very specific to do and then want to be finished with it and move on. And everything they do is top notch… albeit very simple. Google may have already won the search game and that’s a key component… actually, let me rethink that “may”…when the 2nd largest cell phone maker puts a “Google button” on their phone it’s pretty much game over.

Although, I think Microsoft’s new browser and operating system will be interesting, so will the world of TV and/or film entertainment if the stuff I’m reading in the SF Chronicle is true. Pretty soon you’ll just be watching TV (through your computer) and be able to pause it, roll your mouse over the hotel in the background of the movie you’re watching and be able to get it’s business details or have your computer dial their reservation line to book your next vacation. Microsoft is so big that when they decide to innovate, they can create quantum leaps in the industry…

It’s going to get exciting again in the world of “tech”, something close to the late ’90s… just because of the pace of technological developments and the way the demand is increasing around the entire globe.

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