Next pitch? So what?

So I’ve decided to start a new blog called “Next Pitch”. I think it’s going to be about mindset. About staying in the moment. And about winning it.

The name comes from a talk I was fortunate enough to attend, given by Brian Cain. He came to speak at a Baseball coaching conference that I attended a few years ago. His talk was about building a championship mindset in Baseball athletes. He passed on a lot of valuable knowledge and inspired a room full of coaches to go out and use mindset to help make their players better. Among the many things that I heard across Baseball fields that season was the expression “So what, Next pitch!”.

That resonated with me. Like many of the others who were there that day, I’ve been using that line ever since.

And not just in Baseball. In life.

So, on this blog I’m going to share thoughts that I have about “so what, next pitch” from my personal perspective. Who am I? There’s a page on this site that breaks that down, if you’re interested.

I’ve personally seen the benefits of having the right mindset, both in my professional life and in my personal life. Now I seek out new ways to get that mindset to work for me and the people around me.

You’ll find personal anecdotes, articles by people whose ideas I respect, quotes and maybe even some videos.

All of it is dedicated to helping us all look at what’s important now.

The next pitch, not the last one.